Old images of Tysoe

These images of Tysoe have been scanned from old black and white photographs taken over the years. Many of the photographs were passed to Kevin Wyles for safe-keeping, others surfaced from time to time as people turned out drawers and cupboards or moved house. They provide a superb insight into how the houses and streets of the three villages used to look during the last century, and what changes have taken place since. Photographs are a very vulnerable resource and scanning them provides some guarantee of future-proofing the images and the memories that go with them.  They are divided here into two groups: ‘Places’ and ‘People’ although there is inevitable overlap.

This is very much a ‘work in progress’ and new images will be added as-and-when time and resources are available. THRG currently has about 250 images ‘in the pipeline’ but would welcome any new material. Scanning only takes a few minutes and is not harmful to the image. Please contact thrg.info@gmail.com